"Each year we bring our fifth graders to experience the Adventure Learning Center's alpine tower, giant swing, and team building exercises. They always come back energized, proud, and united! I believe it is one of the best field trips for kids! The staff is always positive, encouraging and totally dedicated to the kids. "

— 5th Grade Counselor, New Hanover County Schools

BeThe1To-300x300The National Action Alliance for Suicide Preventionand the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline know it is possible to reduce deaths from suicide like we have reduced heart disease fatalities and other leading causes of death. We know that for every person who dies by suicide annually, there are another 278 people who have thought seriously about suicide who don’t kill themselves, and nearly 60 who have survived a suicide attempt, the overwhelming majority of whom will go on to live out their lives. These untold stories of hope and recovery are the stories of suicide prevention, stories which are informing the Lifeline and the Action Alliance’s efforts to prevent more suicides every day. We also know that we are not the only ones that are making a difference in preventing suicides.

Be the one to spread the word about suicide prevention, and show the world how we can all take action and make an impact in someone’s life. Participate in #BeThe1To for September 2016’s National Suicide Prevention Month (and beyond!), and learn how you can help someone who may be thinking of suicide by clicking here.

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