"Incredibly insightful. So many good points to consider when handling situations involving my children that had never dawned on me. As a result, my relationship with my children has really improved and we are happier now for it!!!"
— Parent

Prevention Services

What is Prevention?

Prevention Services of Coastal Horizons Center, Inc. provides a range of programs and services designed to help prevent problems associated with alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use and promote healthier choices for a safer community. Area schools, businesses community and faith groups have all benefited from these programs and services. Programs use techniques and strategies that are proven effective in developing protective factors in youth, families, and communities. Protective factors promote healthy choices as an alternative to drug use. Prevention programs are age appropriate, culturally sensitive, and based on current research and include:

  • Youth, Family, and Community Prevention Programs
  • Community Building and Technical Assistance
  • Experiential (Interactive) Education Activities
  • Substance Abuse Education Training
  • Health Awareness Campaigns
  • Life Skills Education
  • Policy Change
  • Evidence-Based or Best Practice Model Programs

Evidence-Based or Best Practice Model Programs

For Parents

For Youth

For Adults

Training and Workshops

Our trained facilitators are also available for fee based training and workshops customized to meet the needs of business professionals, teachers, faith leaders, and other groups interested in an interactive educational experience. Programs can be delivered on-site for your convenience or enhanced with our Alpine Tower Experience or Low Challenge Course Program.

  • Community Strategic Planning
  • Signs, Symptoms and What You Can Do to Prevent Substance Abuse
  • Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • Communication Essentials
  • Leadership Development
  • Stress Management
  • Anger Management

National Campaigns

National campaigns are times for everyone to join together for a common cause to promote awareness and educate others.

Contact us: [email protected] or by phone at (910) 202-0840.

For more information on prevention, check out these websites:

For more information on substance use and mental health treatment services,
visit Coastal Horizons Center or call 910-343-0145.