"I learned a lot of new things that will help me cooperate better with my classmates
especially to keep trying and to not give up just because something looks hard."
— 5th Grade Student at Rachel Freeman Elementary

Outdoor Adventure Programs

For more information and to schedule your program, please contact Meredith Ross, Outdoor Adventure Coordinator at 910-392-7306 or [email protected].

Low Course Photos

High Course Photos

The Coastal Horizons Adventure Learning Center programs offer an opportunity for participants to experience a dynamic learning environment to reinforce communication, trust, teamwork and decision-making skills. Take your team, youth group, scout troop, family, friends or co-workers to a new level with a unique approach to team building and have fun at the same time.

Build your skills:

• Enhance verbal and non-verbal communication skills
• Increase self-perception and self-esteem
• Learn new ways to approach and solve problems
• Youth, Family, and Community Prevention Programs
• Community Building and Technical Assistance
• Experiential (Interactive) Education Activities
• Substance Abuse Education Training
• Health Awareness Campaigns
• Life Skills Education

Low Challenge Course

Learn new things about your teammates while accomplishing new challenges. Over 13 low course elements require the group to pull from everyone’s strengths while utilizing a variety of decision-making skills. These activities take place 10 feet off the ground or less.

Portable Programs

We will bring the teambuilding events to you with portable teamwork and communication-building activities that can be utilized almost anywhere. Program length may vary from 1 to 4 hours. Weekly programs are also available to incorporate into your after-school or community group.

High Adventure Challenge

Try something new on our 50 foot Alpine Tower II and Giant Swing. Work with your team to conquer new heights and reach your goals. These activities are physical in nature and take place between 1 foot and 50 feet above the ground. Full day ropes course program length (includes both the low and high course activities) will run approximately 5-7 hours.

Overnight Camping and Survival Skill Building Opportunities

Join us for a few hours of stay for several days at our primitive camping facilities. Groups can also work on survival skills such as orienteering, shelter building, fire making, water gathering, wilderness crafts and more.

Adventure Parties

For fun-lovers aged 8 to 108. Indulge your thirst for adventure with
climbing parties full of fun with friends. Click here for our flyer.



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www.aee.org– Association of Experiential Education
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www.eenorthcarolina.org– North Carolina Office of Environmental Education

For more information on substance use and mental health treatment services,
visit Coastal Horizons Center or call 910-343-0145.