"Each year we bring our fifth graders to experience the Adventure Learning Center's alpine tower, giant swing, and team building exercises. They always come back energized, proud, and united! I believe it is one of the best field trips for kids! The staff is always positive, encouraging and totally dedicated to the kids. "

— 5th Grade Counselor, New Hanover County Schools

The 2015 Red Ribbon Week is Friday, October 23rd to Saturday, October 31st and the RedRibbonLogoPMStheme this year is “Respect Yourself. Be Drug Free.” “Respecting yourself means looking at yourself every day and treating yourself like you would treat someone you loved most in the world”, said 13 year old Kristofer Calhoun,  winner of the 2015 National Red Ribbon Theme Contest. Kristofer said, “If you do drugs, you really don’t have self-confidence and you don’t respect youself.”

DEA Special Agent Enrique Camarena, also known as “KiKi” wanted to make a difference by helping people he cared about. He said, “Even if I’m only one person, I can make a difference”. In honor of Special Agent Kiki Camarena, the nation carries on his commitment to raise awareness of the dangers related to drugs in America through Red Ribbon Week.

One person can make a difference. Each one of us has the power to help kids grow up safe, healthy, and drug free. Take the pledge today.


  1. As parents and citizens, we will talk to our children and the children in our lives about the dangers of drug abuse.
  2. We will set clear rules for our children about not using drugs.
  3. We will set a good example for our children by not using illegal drugs or medicine without a prescription.
  4. We will monitor our children’s behavior and enforce appropriate consequences, so that our rules are respected.
  5. We will encourage family and friends to follow the same guidelines to keep children safe from substance abuse.

Take the pledge here


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