"Every year I have taken my 5th graders to Coastal Horizon's Outdoor Adventure Ropes Course and it is hands-down the best part of the year! The kids are able to work on team building, problem solving, communication, and listening skills. The counselors are enthusiastic and encouraging to all of the participants! The ropes course itself has various levels of difficulty so everyone can feel successful. The kids are able to set their own personal goals and never feel pressured to do something they are uncomfortable with. I wish I could bring my students here more often throughout the year. It has been the highlight of each year that I have taught 5th grade."

Annetta Saggese
5th Grade Teacher, New Horizons Elementary School

Project Venture

For more information about the program, please contact Meredith Ross, Outdoor Adventure Coordinator at (910)202-0840 or [email protected]

About Project Venture

Project Venture is an outdoor experiential youth development program (one of several Coastal Horizons Centers’ Outdoor Adventure Programs) designed primarily for middle school aged youth. It aims to develop the social and emotional competence that facilitates youths’ resistance to alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use. The program is designed to foster the development of positive self-concept, effective social interaction skills, a community service ethic, and improved decision making and problem-solving skills.

Project Venture utilizes a series of experiential activities, adventure challenges, leadership development, environmental and community awareness and personal reflection to increase a participantís sense of self and responsibility to the surrounding world. Program activities are customized to the needs of the participants. The following topics will be addressed in the program:

· Introductions and Getting to Know Each Other
· Trust and Communication
· Diversity and Culture
· Planning and Goal Setting
· Social Action
· Leadership Development and Adventure Skills
· Substance Abuse Prevention-including decision-making and refusal skills

Participants will have the opportunity to help plan and implement a community service project, build their adventure and leadership skills, and attend the Coastal Horizons Adventure Learning Center Team Challenge Course and Alpine Tower II.

What Project Venture Means to Me:

  • Helping the environment and others in need
  • It’s awesome. I made new friends and I get to hang out with them all the time.
  • Friendship and determination can help you get through a lot.
  • Project Venture means a lot to me because the workers are very wonderful and I get to spend time with my friends.
  • Where I’ve learned so much about myself.
  • Learning how to cooperate with different people, and building leadership skills.
  • Determination and respect for others and to help other people.

For more information on substance use and mental health treatment services,
visit Coastal Horizons Center or call 910-343-0145.